Thursday, February 08, 2007

A little tonic

Last month was pretty much all doom and gloom, but so far February has been fantastic.
First I had Natwest paying me my bank charges all back which was a very welcome surprise. I thought I would get them, but I was amazed by just how easy it was.
Today i received my cheque from selling my Tesco Save-As-You-Earn options. The price has been going up steadily just recently, but last week it jumped 30 odd pence and they were sold just after the rise. Thank - you very much.
SAYE has to be the best thing I have ever done. The max I can put in is £50 per month over 5 years and have 5 schemes going at the same time. This means I'm investing £250 per month and because it comes out of my pay packet before tax it saves a bit extra too. Plus I never miss it as I've been doing it so long that I have just got used to less pay. Its pretty much automatic investing.
The best bit is that working for Tesco ( one of the most successful British businesses of all time ) the share price tends to double over 5 years so its got a great rate of return too.

So.....£7000 certainly helps, its just a shame I owe the parents £5000 of it as they helped us out a lot when the youngest was born. Still, its my last instalment so next years money is all mine, Mine, MINE !!!

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